The versatile KX-HDV430 marks the high-end addition to Panasonic’s now complete range of deskphones, thanks to its built-in video camera, offering 3-way video communication and remote visual monitoring.

Low-cost maintenance, easy installation and long-term reliability ensure this advanced model remains a cost-effective solution that is ideal for use in both office and home environments.

Key Features

Colour Touch Panel LCD

A colour LCD touch panel makes video images crisp and clear, and encourages simple and intuitive operation.

Linking with an IP Camera

By linking with an IP camera you can visually monitor on-site environments such as your factory or sales floor without leaving your desk.

Seamless Video Conferencing

The built-in video camera allows face-to-face conversation via the phone’s colour LCD screen. 3-way video conferencing capability enables remote and increasingly flexible business meetings.

Easy Expansion

The optional Expansion Module KX-HDV20 allows you to easily add up to 40 flexible function keys.